The 6th International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance: Risk Management, Regulation and Supervision

16-17 September 2014

Organised by
Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank and Borsa İstanbul

Supported By
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

The world financial markets continue to test the interconnectedness of global and domestic banks to international economic and political agendas. Islamic financial institutions (IFIs), on the contrary, are demonstrating resilience as the world events continue to reshape the landscape of global financial services. The test, however, will be the way through which Islamic finance (IF) industry prepares itself for the opportunities and challenges thrown up by the inevitable rapidly changing global economy.

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Call for Paper – Foundation of Islamic Finance Conference 2014

April 2-3, 2014
Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance
Durham University Business School
Durham University, United Kingdom

Foundation of Islamic Finance Series
The Sixth Foundation of Islamic Finance (FIFC) Conference is to be held at the Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom. FIFC series, originally funded via a large 2006-11 Australian Government grant, is a joint collaboration of The University of Melbourne’s National Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies (NCEIS) and the Monash University in Melbourne. A group of eminent scholars from around the world are networked as associate researchers under the FIFC. The sole aim of their efforts is to publish rigorously done research studies as books (under the Edward Elgar Foundation of Islamic Finance series) and as journal publications to advance the emergingdiscipline, Islamic Finance. As self-funded non-profit organisation, it manages to offer an annual meeting for deliberation, and then publish notable literature since 2006.  Continue reading

Aston Business School

Aston Business School, at Aston University in Birmingham, has provided courses in Islamic finance at postgraduate level since 2010, alongside an active research programme. As the second city, the location of the head offices of The Islamic Bank of Britain and one of Britain’s largest Muslim communities, Birmingham is well positioned as an emerging regional centre of excellence for Islamic finance practice and expertise in the UK.  Continue reading


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